sembra come una donna per me...

All the lights in the sky could not brighten what would have been my

Night of growing solicitude but except it was you with your warm embrace!

And I was wondering was it that I am fortuitous or am I woolgathering?

Stroke of luck perhaps! but what mattered most was that the exhileration

Thoughts overflowing in mind about you, is that green? or blue? eyes that hypnotize!

A reason to smile you gave fragrance of you I smell in me more than I crave

Zealous I am when it is you, because my biggest fear is nothing but to lose you!

Just so you know, you are 'tesoro mio'

And stone cold I was frozen in ice! you rewaked me back by thawing with your kiss...

  • diimaan (07/10/2022)

A constant in life all around you see change You know it's coming but never when!

The tides of life doesn't stays the same Like a river flows to the sea...

Darkest night followed by the starkest light Change is the only constant!

Change is what makes a hue and turns into a YOU...

  • diimaan (21/09/2022)

I am walking down the street With glitter on my face…

It was a rainy night With a silver light

Cold raindrops Piercing my whole

Through the dark alleys I know not Walking past the drunken lot

There stood you on the crossroads Dripping waters down glittery face

The shining glitter screaming Like stars in the dark night

Knowledge is a curse Said wise men, once.

Knowing you was not!

I am walking…

I am walking down the street With glitter on my face…

  • diimaan (18/07/2022)

After reading a book...

looking at the traits of the characters from afar...

I lived the character from the book—

there's a difference in living the character.

We humans who look at everything... perspective will be at large,

also we'll feel there are one too many options.

But the character's perspective is small. He can only see her.

In that moment, what he feels is right for him.

From people's perspective, I may be a rotten apple.

But in my perspective, what I did was right.

Usually, in a story, hero wins at the end.

But that's not how it is.

Whoever wins in the story will be declared as hero.

Doesn't matter, if they're good or bad, whoever wins is a hero.

I may be disgusting in my story.

Also a man who can't get along with the society.

I may have lost in my personal life. In fact, I might be the bad person.

But, I won in my story...

  • diimaan (01/03/20)

driving on a highway without a horn, driving on a highway without a brake, driving on a highway without my brain driving on a highway without my mind...

too much of beating I lost my touch too much the drubbing I taste the dust!

losing control is easy to say getting back alive is no one way!

I lost my senses driving on a highway I lost my hope driving on a highway I lost YOU driving on a highway I lost myself driving on a highway...

chasing YOU was never my choice, but couldn’t resist my mind’s voice!

catching up a storm is never easy people called me nothing but whimsy...

wounded soldier can’t hold the shield shaken mind has nothing to yield!

I got roughed up here and there these burdens and pains I have to bear for the choice I never made about those li’l memories that fade!

friends’ are there but never forever, each have their own life, to care!

friends could never turn up when in need it’s I and only I have to up the speed!

holding my tears I had to say, just focus back, I’ve to find my way

dead relations can comeback and haunt, move ahead: past relations can rest in the past!

I’m standing tall, up and running...

I’m back on the highway with all my gear I’m back on the highway with all my mind I’m right behind YOU catching up fast! I’m gonna make YOU a thing of PAST...

  • diimaan (18/08/11)

I felt that it could've been better if I would've said this to you much sooner

I know it from the beginning that we are not going to get along well but

something inside me said it may work! I never knew it will end up as a botch...

you were so naive and innocent I couldn't care for anything but your

smile, which made me go mad and feel saintly at once; I still wonder whether you still

have the same feeling as I have, for you! I know you had but I am not a magician

so that I can cast a spell which can break your silence!

I forgot everything in my life because I loved you madly

and so deeply! I never knew no pain when you and me walked together in the rain

I needed you! is that so much to ask? I recited nothing so much in my life than you!

those haunting forgotten things never disturbed me so much than your ignorance!

'ignorance is bliss' my dear said a friend but I only know they wouldn't understand

what it is to feel like when left stranded alone on a highway blindfolded...

so much hype so much fuzz, I am sorry that I couldn't live up to your expectations.

you and me! sounded good for the future; now it only looks like a thing of the past!

you were too much onto me that I forgot my name at times so I ain't feeling odd now that you too forgot the same!

they say, 'once forgotten twice removed' that may be true for you on every count!

I have nothing much to say than, 'you don't just stop loving someone, either you never did or you always will'.

from the good times to the bad times I cherished the memories we have had together

I realized it rather late that living in memories doesn't leads you nowhere!

saying no was not always has been my strong suit! but I think now I should call it quits

I have missed so many things in my life but I will never miss them as much as I am gonna miss you ever!

you would be the happier of the two I know wish you may get better love than I could ever show

even though I am singing this final good bye, you still remain as a shadow in my hollowed mind...

  • diimaan (08/03/11)

P.S: funny though I am sending this to you on Women's day!!!

there was a time I used to miss you! there was a time I used to worry about you! there was a time I used to be longing for you! but there never was a time I used to stop thinking of you...

all these time you never were there for me, still I cared for you and loved you cos I only know how to love, but dont know how to stop loving you!

once I had a feeling you may’ve loved me too, never got the guts to ask you! the fear of losing you is more killing than actually losing you...

you said many a times “I like you” yes, I am trying to transform that likeness to love! you may’ve got all the reasons to deny me but I got none to hate you...

when I was chasing you, you never knew it was me! when you know me, you never realized I am the one who was trailing all along!

we spoke a lot, shared a lot spent time together a lot we’ve got more memories to cherish and my love for you would never perish

my cowardice never allowed me to say it loud but if I get a chance again I never would miss. you may wonder what took me this long! the farther you moved away, the closer i got to you...

you swoop me away the first time we met, I couldn’t even talk to you properly, I choked once we got to know each other, there’s never a passage I could miss talking to you.

I may sound pretty confident, but I do mumble when I face you I can write better in words than I speak I don’t know whether you got time to read this or not! anyways, just the thought just the thought of you reading this made my bliss

sharing the same interests doesn’t mean we’ve to share the life, but it would be nice if it’s the case!

still loving you... with all my heart... missing you... and kissing you... in my dreams...

  • diimaan (11/01/10)

the day has come

the one I feared the most I never expected an end like this!

but someone has to put an end for the damage caused... we knew it before now there is no love lost

between you and me! it could’ve been a better ending if we sat for a moment and kissed a second... instead you chose to let me go bleeding, hurt and in despair when I was in need of a warm hug which hurt me more...

now we stand at a point where it all began, the path you choose is yours... might’ve not asked you to not to leave me high and dry! but my heart wanted you by my side... I may not have said that out loud but I cried inside...

when brain takes control over heart we tend to make hasty decisions which could be life changing or breaking I’m lying here broken!

no one can never fix a broken glass nor the broken hearts! I think someone forgot to remind this to us...

with you on the far end of this world I could still survive only with those faded memories in my heart and whistling the lines

“I’m a poor lonesome cowboy, and a long way from home”

I have a small ray of hope that you would come back at least before my days... carrying this hope in my heart

I would like to say

“adios senorita”... P.S: now I realized goodbye seems to be the hardest word

  • diimaan (20/09/09)

there is a li'l lady in town and a li'l boy who was sure

that she is an ANGEL! whenever she came across

he asks for a wish and believed it could come true...

evenm though he is so naive but he was serious about his wishes

poor boy din't know that the lady had other thoughts

she never took him serious and in her mind she thought what a duffer!

after some years passed, the grown up boy came to her

for the wish of his life to be granted. she told him that his wish could never come true!

jokingly though she said, but the boy took it real bad...

he went back to his place he needed some solace

he packed his goods and ran outta town needless to say he was really down

some more years gone and the lady missed him more than his dad

she tried to find him but all her efforts gone vain

she left a note in his place incase if he returns he could reply she thought!

the place looked deserted and she then realised he abondoned all

there she found a note for her dated the day he left

after reading that it was clear that how serious he was about her

couldn't control her emotions, she wished everything was just a dream

but it wasn't and with heavy heart she walked back!

now she realized, she'd never see him again...

  • diimaan (13/09/09)

PS: read this with the tune of “Stairway to Heaven”

I was just gazing through my window staring at the night sky

I saw the sky filed with stars and some lame asteroids but it was YOU...

who attracted me the most I fell in love at first sight... YOU looked fairy, attractive and glowing like a pearl just came out of its shell

YOU followed me whereever I go and I liked your presence at nights I used to walk alone on the streets so late just to get some private time with YOU... :)

YOU always seemed to listen to me YOU transformed my moodswings

sometimes YOU looked like a lovely mother whois just trying to cuddle her kids sometimes YOU look like an ocean which is deep, filled with joy and sorrow sometimes YOU look like a snow mountain filled with adventures and mysteries sometimes YOU smiled at me compassionately which made me realise YOU

our longing affair was well and good until that fateful day

YOU were gone without a trace and I felt a sudden rush inside my throat

the sky looked empty without your presence I was even afraid to look at the sky

to avoid the pain caused by your absence when my world began falling into darkness

something urged me to look up the sky with failing hopes I looked upon the sky

YOU made me smile and cry for the first time in my life I saw YOU up again and smiling as lovely as ever at me...

yes YOU re-born that day

then I decided on that day, if YOU ever leave me again I won’t lose my hope and I’ll be waiting for YOU patiently with the girl who sat there on a lonely rock...

  • diimaan (10/09/09)

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