I was just gazing through my window staring at the night sky

I saw the sky filed with stars and some lame asteroids but it was YOU...

who attracted me the most I fell in love at first sight... YOU looked fairy, attractive and glowing like a pearl just came out of its shell

YOU followed me whereever I go and I liked your presence at nights I used to walk alone on the streets so late just to get some private time with YOU... :)

YOU always seemed to listen to me YOU transformed my moodswings

sometimes YOU looked like a lovely mother whois just trying to cuddle her kids sometimes YOU look like an ocean which is deep, filled with joy and sorrow sometimes YOU look like a snow mountain filled with adventures and mysteries sometimes YOU smiled at me compassionately which made me realise YOU

our longing affair was well and good until that fateful day

YOU were gone without a trace and I felt a sudden rush inside my throat

the sky looked empty without your presence I was even afraid to look at the sky

to avoid the pain caused by your absence when my world began falling into darkness

something urged me to look up the sky with failing hopes I looked upon the sky

YOU made me smile and cry for the first time in my life I saw YOU up again and smiling as lovely as ever at me...

yes YOU re-born that day

then I decided on that day, if YOU ever leave me again I won’t lose my hope and I’ll be waiting for YOU patiently with the girl who sat there on a lonely rock...