there is a li'l lady in town and a li'l boy who was sure

that she is an ANGEL! whenever she came across

he asks for a wish and believed it could come true...

evenm though he is so naive but he was serious about his wishes

poor boy din't know that the lady had other thoughts

she never took him serious and in her mind she thought what a duffer!

after some years passed, the grown up boy came to her

for the wish of his life to be granted. she told him that his wish could never come true!

jokingly though she said, but the boy took it real bad...

he went back to his place he needed some solace

he packed his goods and ran outta town needless to say he was really down

some more years gone and the lady missed him more than his dad

she tried to find him but all her efforts gone vain

she left a note in his place incase if he returns he could reply she thought!

the place looked deserted and she then realised he abondoned all

there she found a note for her dated the day he left

after reading that it was clear that how serious he was about her

couldn't control her emotions, she wished everything was just a dream

but it wasn't and with heavy heart she walked back!

now she realized, she'd never see him again...

PS: read this with the tune of “Stairway to Heaven”