final goodbye!

I felt that it could've been better if I would've said this to you much sooner

I know it from the beginning that we are not going to get along well but

something inside me said it may work! I never knew it will end up as a botch...

you were so naive and innocent I couldn't care for anything but your

smile, which made me go mad and feel saintly at once; I still wonder whether you still

have the same feeling as I have, for you! I know you had but I am not a magician

so that I can cast a spell which can break your silence!

I forgot everything in my life because I loved you madly

and so deeply! I never knew no pain when you and me walked together in the rain

I needed you! is that so much to ask? I recited nothing so much in my life than you!

those haunting forgotten things never disturbed me so much than your ignorance!

'ignorance is bliss' my dear said a friend but I only know they wouldn't understand

what it is to feel like when left stranded alone on a highway blindfolded...

so much hype so much fuzz, I am sorry that I couldn't live up to your expectations.

you and me! sounded good for the future; now it only looks like a thing of the past!

you were too much onto me that I forgot my name at times so I ain't feeling odd now that you too forgot the same!

they say, 'once forgotten twice removed' that may be true for you on every count!

I have nothing much to say than, 'you don't just stop loving someone, either you never did or you always will'.

from the good times to the bad times I cherished the memories we have had together

I realized it rather late that living in memories doesn't leads you nowhere!

saying no was not always has been my strong suit! but I think now I should call it quits

I have missed so many things in my life but I will never miss them as much as I am gonna miss you ever!

you would be the happier of the two I know wish you may get better love than I could ever show

even though I am singing this final good bye, you still remain as a shadow in my hollowed mind...

P.S: funny though I am sending this to you on Women's day!!!