Good Bye – the time has come -

the day has come

the one I feared the most I never expected an end like this!

but someone has to put an end for the damage caused... we knew it before now there is no love lost

between you and me! it could’ve been a better ending if we sat for a moment and kissed a second... instead you chose to let me go bleeding, hurt and in despair when I was in need of a warm hug which hurt me more...

now we stand at a point where it all began, the path you choose is yours... might’ve not asked you to not to leave me high and dry! but my heart wanted you by my side... I may not have said that out loud but I cried inside...

when brain takes control over heart we tend to make hasty decisions which could be life changing or breaking I’m lying here broken!

no one can never fix a broken glass nor the broken hearts! I think someone forgot to remind this to us...

with you on the far end of this world I could still survive only with those faded memories in my heart and whistling the lines

“I’m a poor lonesome cowboy, and a long way from home”

I have a small ray of hope that you would come back at least before my days... carrying this hope in my heart

I would like to say

“adios senorita”... P.S: now I realized goodbye seems to be the hardest word