After reading a book...

looking at the traits of the characters from afar...

I lived the character from the book—

there's a difference in living the character.

We humans who look at everything... perspective will be at large,

also we'll feel there are one too many options.

But the character's perspective is small. He can only see her.

In that moment, what he feels is right for him.

From people's perspective, I may be a rotten apple.

But in my perspective, what I did was right.

Usually, in a story, hero wins at the end.

But that's not how it is.

Whoever wins in the story will be declared as hero.

Doesn't matter, if they're good or bad, whoever wins is a hero.

I may be disgusting in my story.

Also a man who can't get along with the society.

I may have lost in my personal life. In fact, I might be the bad person.

But, I won in my story...